Do you have an immortal soul? Most religions tell you YES. Are they right? Where did the idea of the immortal soul originate? What does the Bible say about it? In this brief video, Dwight Nelson gives you some quick, straightforward answers.

Blame “folk religion” and not the Bible for all the confusion over life, death, and what happens after that. In less than five minutes Dr. Dwight Nelson cuts through layers of myth and tradition to reveal the Bible’s ultimate message of hope for the hereafter.

Can we communicate with our loved ones who have passed away? Guesses and opinions vary, so where should we go for inside information? Dr. Dwight Nelson puts the answers in a nutshell in this information-packed video. Your next five minutes could mean the difference between truth and deception.

Can we contact the unseen world of the “spirits?” King Saul of Israel hoped to do just that. On the eve of a decisive battle against a superior enemy army he sneaked off to a witch’s hut. He was seeking advice from a dead prophet. The witch conjured up a spirit – but who was it, really? Dr. Dwight Nelson unravels the mystery in this Hope After Death video.

The man was dead. Buried. Four days ago. Had he passed through the portal of death into a higher and happier existence? If so, why would Jesus “wake him up?” Is it possible that death is not a transition to eternal life? Check out Dr. Dwight Nelson’s answers.